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Ronald Bladen - Programs - Al Held Foundation

Ronald Bladen's aluminum sculptures, Wedge (1971) and Kama Sutra (1977), in situ at the Al Held Foundation

We are thrilled to announce the installation of two sculptures by Ronald Bladen (Vancouver, 1918­–1988) on the scenic grounds of Held’s former home and studio. These works of geometric abstraction in painted aluminum —titled Wedge (1971) and Kama Sutra (1977)— were created at a moment when Bladen deepened his exploration of form in space. Presented in partnership with the Estate of Ronald Bladen, this installation honors the vital thirty-year friendship between these pioneers of postwar American geometric abstraction.

The presentation continues a tradition of Held encouraging Bladen to create or install major monumental works on this very site. In 1967, Bladen built the ambitious 22-foot-high wood sculpture The X in front of the bull barn before it was installed at the Corcoran Gallery. Then in 1980, Bladen temporarily sited the 56-foot-long Boomerang on the hilltop above Held’s studios with a sweeping view of the Catskills. It later went on to Washington, D.C., as part of the Eleventh International Sculpture Conference. Bladen and Held’s shared interest in the mythic and epic quality of geometric abstraction, realized in monumental scale, nourished their ongoing aesthetic conversation.

Bladen’s work will be augmented by a series of other installations and events over the course of the exhibition. In August, a selection of Bladen sculptures and drawings from the collection of the Al Held Foundation will be presented in one of Held’s historic studios. And in the fall, there will be public panel discussion with Jim Clark, director of the Estate of Ronald Bladen; Daniel Belasco, executive director of the Al Held Foundation; and Loretta Howard, gallery director and historian. The panel is scheduled for Sunday, October 13, at 2pm.

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